New England First Option Mortgage Corporation based in Burlington, MA just twenty minutes outside of Boston, is a premiere mortgage company servicing all of Massachusetts.

Assisting home, Condo and commercial property buyers for the past two years, NEFOMC provides the most comprehensive and affordable mortgage solutions to assist you in financing your first or fifth home.

NEFOMC is focused on you the customer! Whether you have great credit or poor credit it is our mission to customize your loan to meet and exceed your personal needs. In a real estate market where mortgage rates continue to be extremely low, NEFOMC is constantly saving satisfied customers a lot of money on their home mortgages by securing the lowest initial rate or refinancing your existing mortgage loan. Set up as direct broker, NEFOMC works directly with wholesale lenders nationwide to get our home seekers the best rate, everytime!

NEFOMC will help you arrange your purchase and sales agreement review at no charge with our attorney, when your loan is closed with NEFOMC.

Make the right choice, let NEFOMC handle all your loan needs. We can take care of all aspects of your loan including closing attorney, title search and examination all under one roof. We will ensure you your loan process will go quickly and smoothly.